Sunday, May 15, 2011

Get to know your community

One of the great things about social media is that we now have access to the world by the click of a button. Be it a remote control, a smartphone, or a computer, nothing is left secret these days. That being said, the Census Bureau, after gathering information from around the country between 2005-2009, organized their findings and released them to the public. Since there are so many statistics and it's often difficult to sift through all the data, the New York Times put together a really simple interactive program where you can see the demographics in your own community.

Here, you can see the racial breakdowns in your neighborhood, view the average income in yours and surrounding communities, view the average amount of education received, and much more! I looked at my community, and my findings were shocking. Coming from Baltimore, I knew that there is a large Black population in surrounding neighborhoods. What I didn't realize what how segregated my community is from them. This interactive map, which pixalates (not a real word, sorry) the results really opened my eyes to my community, and hopefully it'll do the same to you.
Check it out!

See what your neighborhood is really like!

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